Friday, October 28, 2016

DCBE Day 4

We are making some real progress today. I got my chair put together. I brought the black leather from my broken pear chair with me, and put it on a new sycamore frame. It just needs a bit of finish.

Jonas finished his chair. His is also sycamore, with a brown leather. This is truly one of the nicest chairs I've seen. Mrs. Mulesaw liked it so much, she wants him to build another just like it.

Alex has been focused on two chairs: one in sycamore and one in elm. He has a gorgeous side of 10 ounce burgundy Latigo leather.

Jonas and Alex both loved working with leather for the first time. Jonas re-named my edge beveler the "Edge Nicer." As in, this tool makes the edge nicer. I'll call it that from now on.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

DCBE Day 3

Today started very productive. That is, until I relied on the layout I did last night at midnight. It's a lucky thing there's lots of wood here.

Olav arrived this afternoon. We had a nice visit. He hasn't mad plans on what he wants to make, yet. He might just do some leatherwork, as he needs a holster for a big chisel.

Jonas started working some leather today, and seems to like the edge trimming tool, which he re-named the "Edge Nicer." We also tested out his geometry press, and may use that somewhere on a chair.

Yesterday we borrowed an original Klint safari chair. There are a lot of neat details that I didn't know about before.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

DCBE Day 2

Long, wonderful day. I'm off to bed, enjoy some pics.

DCBE, Day 1

Unfortunately, I am blogging this week from my iPad, which sucks. My plan to deal with the limitations is to give a very brief commentary, followed by a bunch of un-captioned photos. When I get back to Spain, I'll do a proper write up.

(One of my goals for this blog has always been not to apopogize, so sorry about that.)

Alex picked me up in Munich early yesterday, and we made it about half way before his car broke down. ADAC was kind enough to hook us up with a loaner until his car is fixed, so we finally got here after 19 hours.

Today was fantastic. Alex, Jonas and I decided to build Roorkee chairs, and Pedder got here and is building a M&T stool. Olav is unfortunately stuck in France, but hopes to be here in a day or two.

We milled a ton of spalted sycamore today, and tomorrow we will mill a little more elm for Roorkees.

I also will build a pair of staked saw benches from an old elm plank I found in Jonas' barn.

We have a buttload of leather. Enough for at least six chairs, maybe more. All different stuff. I also have some #8 duck canvas that would make nice chairs, but I dropped it in the mud while extracting my suitcase from the back of the ADAC car last night. Oops.

Enjoy some photos, you'll love tomorrow.